Why Another Agile Tool?

After decades of digital transformation and innovation, we have yet to find an agile tool that is both simple to use, and has the flexibility to adapt to our individual needs.

From Trello to Jira, the incumbents offer various degrees of flexibility and complexity. Information however is still largely presented in a disconnected and fragmented way. Focussist is here to change that.

Degrees of Visibility

Depending on your role, access to the most relevant information is key to your visibility into the project, and impacts your ability to make decisions with confidence.

Information Density

Have you ever read a card with too much information? Managing information density efficiently reduces your cognitive overhead and increases your productivity.

Different Needs

It's hard to imagine people with vastly different roles and responsibilities can stare at the same agile board and get the same useful information. Think for a second, what are your needs?

Agile Boards, No Fluff

Kanban, Scrum, Lean - nuances aside, an agile process is here to serve you, not the other way around. Make the boards work for you!

  • Information at Your Fingertips

    Focussist presents information you asked for to you and gets out of your way. The best process is one that you don't even notice.

  • Fast Context Switching

    Cards can be linked to each other, and be switched to and from different views instantly. This powerful network of connected cards and views gives you fast context switching at no cost.

Gantt Charts, But Agile

Don't be afraid of Gantt charts. Instead of complicating things and slowing you down, let Gantt charts help you increase your visibility. Don't ever lose sight of the big picture!

  • Nesting

    Cards can be nested therefore presented in a way that makes most sense to you. From a company strategic view to a product roadmap view, the choice is yours.

  • Progress at All Levels

    Sure, it might be easy to track things on one board. What about related things, perhaps features that make up a product? Or product initiatives that make up a company goal? Focussist allows progress to be tracked and made visible across the board, pun intended.

A View, For You

You gotta take care of yourself before you can take care of each other. Focussist provides dashboard views for you and your team.

  • Personal Dashboard

    Do you feel like being pulled in multiple directions at times? Not any more! A personal dashboard gives insights into what is important and requires your attention.

  • Team and Project Views

    Teams and projects can involve over time. Let's make sure you are always on top of things by having relevant information readily available.

Simple Priorities, Easy Estimates

Prioritisation and estimation are daunting tasks, they often get overly complicated and therefore lose their value.

  • Must Have, Yes or No?

    Instead of setting a long list of priorities that are hard to track. The question is very simple: is this a must have?

  • Automated Estimation

    Estimations are time consuming and inaccurate. Do you want to spend time estimating or getting things done? Focussist makes use of the connectedness of the cards to provide estimation on all levels.

From Micro, To Macro

The ability to effortlessly switch between micro and macro views is fundamental to one's visibility.

  • Navigate Like macOS Finder

    If you are a macOS user, then you already know why the column view in Finder is such a powerful presentation of your multi-level deep of folders and files. Focussist draws inspirations from Finder and gives you the same capability for your projects.

  • Everything is Connected

    From a task to a milestone to a project, everything is connected and therefore updates such as a deadline approaching are automated and cascaded up and down.

Sharp Focus, Peripheral Vision

Keep razor-sharp focus on the current task at hand is good, but what's even better is to also have the peripheral vision to related information to help you build the full picture.

  • Four Way Navigation

    Top, down, left, right: easy four way navigation allows you to sift through this vastly connected information network as you see fit. Need more higher level context? Click. Need to drill down for more details? Click.

  • In The Loop

    Relevant information are either right in front of you, or just a keystroke away, always keeping you in the loop.

A Card, A Story

A quick glance at a card should tell you not only about what it is, but also how it's progressing. It's like story telling: to watch things unfold.

  • Health Bars

    Did you say it'll take about a week to do this task? Well, how long has it been now? A health bar gives you immediate feedback on how the card is progressing.

  • Card Stamping

    Was a card blocked? Did you get pulled away to do something else instead? Stamp the card so everyone knows what's happening, and can therefore make decisions based off it.

Powerful Query, Information Binding

A smart search engine is increasingly important as we accumulate more and more data. Information is useless if you can't find it.

  • Like Google, Like SQL

    Easy to use, pretty accurate! "AND", "OR", "NOT"... pretty precise!

  • Bind Information for Relevance

    Using the powerful query function, you are able to bind information together and create a virtual information hierarchy.

Proactive Tracking, Early Warning

Just like earthquakes and tsunamis, based on certain patterns an early warning system would often mean the life or death of a project, product or company.

  • Power of Connectedness

    Combined with Focussist's powerful information querying and binding functionality, tracking information and providing metrics have never been easier.

  • Machine Learning, Maybe?

    In the future, Focussist will be able to use machine learning techniques to model and predict certain outcomes, such as project delays.

Coming Soon...

Great things take time to make. In the mean time, say hi!

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Who's behind Focussist?

Focussist is founded by Fred Wu, who has been working in the software industry for two decades, with over a decade of experience in leading multiple teams and projects.

Fred is an experienced and passionate software engineer with a long list of open source and commercial projects under his belt. He is also an experienced team leader and tech executive having lead multiple teams and projects to success.

Why did you create Focussist?

One of the main motivations behind Focussist is our never-stopping quest for finding an easy and powerful tool to help us manage our agile projects. Over the years as we accumulate more experiences and battle scars, we have started forming ideas around what an easy and powerful agile tool would look like.

Having worked closely with software engineers, testers, product managers, project managers, business analysists and company executives in various environments and team cultures, our unique perspective gives us a tremendous amount of insights into what works and what doesn't. Hence, the birth of Focussist.

How much is Focussist going to cost?

Looking at incumbents like Trello, Asana and Aha!, their prices range from $10 to well over $100 per user per month. We will price Focussist competitively to offer affordability without cheapening the market segment.

Will there be a free version?

Yes, of course! We love Focussist and we want as many people to love it as possible by using it with no strings attached!

We will publish the features in our free and paid offerings close to launch, sign up today to hear from us when we are ready.